Customising the initial state of 'Rocket'

To start the Rocket simulation in its 'default' initial state, try:

To start it in a customised initial state, we add extra information to the web address. For example, by default, there is a ten tonne single stage propulsion unit and a ten tonne payload. These masses are given by a variable called v_stages; to have, instead, a 100 tonne propulsion stage, a 10 tonne propulsion stage and a 5 tonne payload, try:,10,5

Suppose we want to customise the initial stage and payload masses, and also launch from Earth instead of the Moon. The planet you launch from is given by a variable called v_planet, and 'Earth' corresponds to a value of 2. So here's the web address:,10,5&v_planet=2

Complete list of variables for 'Rocket'